«Not a syndrome, but a gift from God!»: This unique model with Vitiligo showed herself in a two-piece bikini

The most unique participant of «America’s Next Top Model» showed herself in a bikini 😍

Here is one of the most successful, popular and outstanding Canadian models who has earned worldwide fame and recognition with her absolutely unique appearance. She has Vitiligo which causes patches of skin, something like skin pigmentation.

The model managed to turn her syndrome into her asset and distinguishing feature. It goes without saying that it is simply impossible not to notice this girl in a crowd. She never ceases to captivate her fans with her non-standard appearance.

Many impatiently wait for her new photos and videos on social media. Some consider her unusual beauty a natural gift from God. Her loyal fans can hardly find words to express their delight.

Some netizens even draw parallels between her and M. Jackson considering her as unique and talented as the late musician. She herself serves as a prime example of how a girl who doesn’t meet the beauty standards is worthy of admiration too.

Her features are absolutely unique and her fans can’t get enough of her.


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