«No one was ready for this!»: The appearance of this Mexican beauty with no makeup caused a stir

You will be surprised when you see how Hayek’s face looks like in close-up 😍

S. Hayek is among those actresses who often show themselves with no makeup. She has always been the biggest fan of natural appearance and was strongly against plastic surgeries unlike her colleagues who pursued perfect appearance.

The key to her stunning appearance is her healthy diet and regular workouts. If we take her recent «honest» photo posted, we can see how her face actually looks like with no cosmetics on.

It is worth mentioning that her husband is French businessman F. Pinault with whom she has happily been married for many years.

She has lately showcased her natural look with no makeup, wrinkles and gray hair. Many highly appreciated her honesty and self-acceptance.

Some are convinced that she need no Botos and other beauty procedures since she possesses glowing skin and a flawless face.

Her recent spectacular appearance at the Cannes Film Festival drew everyone’s attention to her. She looked simply amazing in her magnificent dress from K. Middleton.

The special attention was also drawn to her teenage daughter Valentina with whom she made a stunning appearance on the red carpet.


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