«No one has ever seen her like this!»: Many still don’t know that the late Princess looked so thin at times

Only a few know that Princess Diana had bulimia and was unhealthily thin at times 🤔🤔

It is needless to say that each and every girl’s cherished dream is to meet a prince, marry him and live a happy life till the last day of their life. Princess Diana served as a prime example of this. She became the queen of people’s hearts with her kindness.

Though people sincerely admired and even adored her, she still had some complexes and insecurities concerning her appearance. She found herself not beautiful and feminine enough.

Moreover, the difficulties and challenges she faced in her marriage with the Prince had their expression on her appearance.

Few know that she actually suffered bulimia which made her lose a great amount of weight in a considerably short period of time. Sometimes, she appeared so thin that it scared and made the others worry about her.

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