«Memories left behind». Patrick Swayze’s wife started a new life by getting married again

Life goes on! 🥲🥲

Patrick Swayze adored his wife. They got married when they were very young: he was 18 at that time, while his wife was 15.

Despite a lot of difficulties, they created a strong and loving family. They supported each other in everything and tried to overcome hardships together.

Lisa was everything to him, and he didn’t even pay attention to her problems related to having a child. He stayed by his wife’s side until the end.

After his death, Lisa remained his only heir.

But after some time Lisa sold whatever she had, cut off all ties with his relatives and started a new life. She decided to marry again and chose a wealthy millionaire as her partner.

Everyone was shocked. Why did she do such things? In response to this question, Lisa answered that she has the right to live happily, and despite the fact that she adored her ex-husband, she cannot live with his memories.

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