Makeup-free Rachel from «Friends» in close-up: Aniston with no cosmetics looks prettier than many young stars 

The beauty of everyone’s favorite Rachel from the series «Friends» still wins hearts 🥰🥹

Many are wondering what the secrets of this Hollywood diva are who still maintains her fresh and attractive appearance. Her recent «honest» footage pleasantly surprised the fans of the movie star.

Everyone is accustomed to seeing her on the red carpet with a beautiful evening dress and full makeup, yet only a few have seen her makeup-free appearance. She chose to age naturally and still has no plans to change anything.

In this footage some wrinkles and other age-related changes are obviously seen on her face. She was holding her favorite dog, a German Shepherd.

«Another level of gorgeousness», «We appreciate your honesty and self-acceptance», «How beautiful you are! I have no words».

The fans of the actress can’t get enough of her and still «attack» her with compliments. She is one of those few one who don’t need to hide their natural look.


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