«Makes me feel tremendously fortunate»: Here is Graham’s mother from whom she inherited her beauty

Graham showed her mother and now everyone knows why the model is so beautiful 🤗🥹

This 33-year-old model is regarded as one of the most influential, sought-after and unique representatives in the modeling business. She enjoys her fame and recognition throughout the world boldly showing off her «imperfect» appearance.

It is no secret that the outstanding model has nothing to hide from her followers. For example, she announced her first pregnancy.

Since then, she kept sharing the news until the birth of her baby and even now. The model boldly shared some details about how she breastfed her baby in public and how she changed the baby’s diaper at a store.

She has publicly congratulated her mother on Mother’s Day sincerely expressing her gratitude towards her.

«I wish my mother, my teacher, and my closest friend a happy Mother’s Day. To have a woman like you as my daily source of inspiration makes me feel tremendously fortunate».

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