«Madonna’s adopted child has grown up. Look at him now!»: Madonna showed her adopted baby years later

Few know that Madonna adopted a boy many years ago. Here is David now! 🤔🧐

Here is legendary Madonna who is a real style icon and is deservedly called the Queen of Pop Music. Few know that the singer adopted a baby many years ago.

Besides the boy, she has other adopted children as well and her eldest biological heiress is Laura Lyon. The renowned star admits that she loves her children equally.

Currently, the boy dwells in Portugal. Recently, the singer purchased a house there and rushed to move to him. She loves being with her beloved son.

The boy is really talented. He is fond of playing soccer and is even a member of the local team.

What is more, he takes a great interest in music and is a really creative person by nature.

He is in a close and warm relationship with his siblings and adores his mother.

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