«Like wine, she gets better with age!»: Actress Aniston fascinates everyone with her agelessly beautiful look

Rachel from «Friends» never stops delighting the fans with her unearthly charm 🤗🥹

Here is everyone’s favorite Rachel from the popular series «Friends» who delights absolutely everyone even with her totally casual look in black leggings, flip flops, a black cap and a scarlet hoodie.

Her toned and slender figure never ceases to be the subject of everyone’s admiration. Many noted that the woman hasn’t aged in recent decades.

Even in her casual look she pleasantly surprised the fans proving that time actually has no power upon her ageless beauty and charm.

The key to her stunning appearance is her self-discipline. She keeps a healthy diet mainly giving her preference to fruit, vegetables and products containing protein. She does regular workouts with a trainer several times a week.

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