«It’s illegal to look this good at 52!»: The unearthly beauty and charm of Schiffer keep delighting everyone

Schiffer, 52, shows her perfect figure in a bikini and wins millions of men’s hearts 😍

C. Schiffer in the 1990s was a role model for all girls and who captivated the entire world with her flawless appearance, unearthly beauty and femininity. Believe it or not, years haven’t affected her and she still wins millions of men’s hearts.

The German beauty never stops pleasantly surprising the entire world with her perfect parameters and flawless body. Here are the recent vacation photos of the iconic model.

She wrote «Out of the office». Towards her impeccable beauty far not everyone can remain indifferent and not to fall for her.

Despite her age, she has remained the same legendary model who previously made men’s hearts beat faster.

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