«It’s a crime to look this good at 54!»: The ageless beauty of Aniston never ceases to surprise everyone

No one can understand how Rachel from «Friends» can look this good at 54 😍

It is hard to realize that this stunning-looking and attractive woman with an athletic body is 54-year-old J. Aniston. Her recent video revealing her ideal figure let no single one remain indifferent.

Later, the Hollywood actress explained that the video was actually part of an advertisement for a fitness organization.

This organization is one of her most favorite ones. The fact that Aniston is really fond of working out pleasantly surprises her admirers and supporters.

Her completely natural look and grayed hair roots became the subject of discussions. She has always been a supporter of aging with grace and dignity.

Even at her age she never ceases to delight the entire world with her natural appearance. No one can deny that she possesses perfect parameters.

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