«Is it legal to look this hot at 67?»: Kris Jenner’s figure at 67 is a dream even for the young

Kardashian’s mom showed herself in a bikini and received lots of compliments 😍

Paparazzi have lately captured the 67-year-old icon, the legendary mother of the Kardashian and Jenner sisters. The two-piece bikini perfectly emphasized her toned and flawless body leaving everyone speechless.

«Her figure is a cherished dream even for the young», «Am I the only one who considers her way prettier than her daughters?», «The woman I can admire forever», «I have no words to describe how amazing she looks!».

«I can’t believe my eyes. Is she really approaching her 70?», «Beauty started with her», «Her ageless beauty and attractiveness drive me crazy!», «Please, share your beauty secrets with us».

It is undeniable that hardly anyone can remain indifferent toward her alluring look. Her charisma and sense of humor also attract millions in the world.

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