«Hollywood’s most stunning legs!»: Here is rare footage showing film star Robbie with her husband in New York

Robbie brought her husband to the premiere of «City of Asteroids» and surprised everyone 😳🧐

At the premiere of her new movie «City of Asteroids», renowned and successful actress M. Robbie appeared with her partner T. Ackerley. The premiere took place in Manhattan’s Lincoln Center.

Her minimum makeup and adorable curls immediately became the subject of admiration. Her black and white mini dress with a velvet corset top and a mini skirt perfectly emphasized the good parts of her body.

The final touch to her stunning image became her elegant black pumps.

She first appeared on the red carpet on her own, but then her husband joined the actress who chose a brown trouser suit. The beautiful couple immediately caught everyone’s attention there.

What concerns legendary Scarlet, she gave her preference a snow-white mermaid dress and styled her hair in curls. The catchy flower decoration caused a stir becoming the final touch to her delicate image.

Her stylish translucent pumps adorned with rhinestones perfectly completed the iconic actress’s image. Johansson chose luxurious jewelry, diamond and pearl earrings.

This duo took pictures together and the photos quickly went viral. The other stars who took part in the film are T. and R. Hanks, M. Dillon. L. Schreiber and many others.

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