«His voice messages are stored in a hard drive»: Willis’s daughter shared the latest news about her father’s condition

The concerned daughter of the seriously ill Willis spoke about her father’s condition 🥲🥺

The latest news about the iconic action movie star’s condition was shared by his and Moore’s daughter Tallulah. The girl admits that when her father started to show some symptoms, they referred them to hearing problems.

They refused to take them seriously and continued until it was quite clear that something was definitely wrong.

The concerned daughter doesn’t miss a chance to visit her father and take many photos to always keep him in her memory and capture the actor during joyful and heartwarming moments.

«Every time I visit my father’s home, I snap a multitude of photos. I feel like an explorer unearthing hidden treasure in things I never paid much attention to before. All his voice messages are stored on a hard drive. I try to document everything».

Fortunately, the movie star still recognizes his daughter. She hopes that he will soon recover despite the progressiveness of the disease he suffers from. For those who don’t know, this disease can’t be cured.

«He still remembers who I am and lights up when I enter the room. Nevertheless, I hold onto a belief in my father and refuse to lose hope for his recovery».

The dementia he suffers has been proven to be one of the most challenging forms of the disease.

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