«Her stunning legs drive everyone crazy!»: The iconic model’s everyday look pleasantly surprised everyone

In a bodice ultra mini dress, Shayk dazzled absolutely everyone who were lucky to see her 😍

I. Shayk is believed to be one of the most desirable, sought-after and successful models who has conquered the big world of modeling with her extraordinarily beautiful appearance and talent. She often appears in bold dresses with slits.

Her recent appearance with Cooper and their little daughter soon became the subject of discussions. What she looked like drew everyone’s attention. She chose a black mini dress that exposed her stunning long legs.

She wore long white stockings and black sneakers from Nike Martine Rose X Shox Mule MR4. Many jokingly claimed that she actually stole them from the shop since they cost too much.

«She is dressed to kill», «Am I the only one who finds this look unsuccessful», «I don’t think these sneakers and stockings match».

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