«Her beauty is beyond!»: The way Collins looks like with no makeup makes her fans admire her even more

The star of «Emily in Paris» showed her makeup-free face and won millions of hearts 😳😍

Today, it is no longer a fear to appear with no cosmetics on in front of millions. There is a tendency according to which stars proudly show their makeup-free faces and are highly praised by their fans for their honesty and self-acceptance.

«I can’t take my eyes off this angelic beauty!», «Incomparable Lily», «She is one of those stars who need no makeup to look beautiful», «How can one be so pretty I wonder?».

It is worth mentioning that the charming actress is happy with Ch. McDowell with whom she has been since 2019.

One year later the director proposed to the outstanding actress and they soon got married.

«I never wanted to be anyone more than yours, and now I am your wife».

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