«Her baby’s face first disclosed!»: This is what the little daughter of the former supermodel looks like

Here is the first photo that reveals supermodel Campbell’s 2-year-old heiress 👶🤗

Recently, a photo showing the 2-year-old daughter of former supermodel N. Campbell has been surfing on the network.

It is worth mentioning that it was the very first time that people saw the celebrity’s daughter. Yet she showed her newborn daughter on the cover of a magazine, her face was half-hidden.

This footage shows Naomi carrying her heiress in her arms at a party. Though she managed to cover her face as soon as she noticed the cameras, it was already too late as the face of her daughter was already captured.

The name and the identity of her father is still unknown. She does everything possible to keep her child’s privacy.

As the renowned star kept her pregnancy in private, many are more than sure that the daughter of the model was born from a surrogate mother.

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