Heartbreaking Yet Inspiring: Kittens Rescued from Abandoned Boxes Find Love and Hope

People should always treat animals well and give them a lot of love  🥲🥹

The video shows the good and bad side of the humanity. Several kittens were left over in a cardboard box, but happily, the box was opened and people, who cared for them rescued without understanding the reason for such a bad decision.

There was four boxes and all the kittens there were underweight and full of fleas. The caring people didn’t know how long they were inside the boxes, but did everything to get them out.

After seeing their sweet faces there’s one question, how someone could be so cruel and left them all alone.

There were eleven cats, who were nurtured back to health. They were microchipped, vaccinated and given a lot of love and food. And they were all adopted after their story became popular.

They were rescued thanks to the one of UK charities. They treat and save such kittens, who were mistreated and abused by humans.

Their awesome work was clearly captured in the video, which is so heartbreaking at the beginning. But their rescue and treatment gave us faith in humanity.

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