«Each day may be the last one for her»: This is what a disease model Hadid has been struggling with for years

The Lyme disease runway icon Hadid struggled with for years has progressed 😢😔

In 2012 the symptoms of tick-borne borreliosis were first shown, yet only in 2015 was she diagnosed with the disease. It has already been a decade that she has been struggling with it. Unfortunately, she hasn’t managed to overcome it yet.

This ailment is rather common and is found in many other show business celebrities including J. Bieber, A. Baldwin, A. Olsen and others. The disease is caused by the transmission of borrelia bacteria and can be treated with antibiotics.

Among the symptoms are regular headaches, insomnia, breathing difficulties, irregular heartbeats as well as muscle pain. “If I had the opportunity to excel in horseback riding, I would not have pursued a career in modeling»

The disease can negatively affect the functions of the central nervous system. It is primarily treated with antibiotics, yet it may, unfortunately, lead to kidney failure.

Though it is extremely difficult for the model to accept her reflection in the mirror and the side effects of taking antibiotics, she refuses to lose her hope and continues battling.

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