«Crying Portman after her man’s betrayal»: Portman was captured during the conversation with her husband 

Portman was caught hiding the tears behind the sunglasses after the betrayal 😲😳

N, Portman and her husband B. Millepied have recently been seen together in a park shortly after the sensational news of his betrayal. The whole thing is that the man was caught with his young lover in public.

In these photos, Portman looks devastated trying to hide the tears. The tears rolled over her cheeks and it was quite clear that they were emotionally discussing the incident.

Later, she leaned on his shoulder and they continued the intimate conversation.  She rested her hand on a bench while listening to the man.

It is worth mentioning that it was in early June that the woman heard about the news.

Many believe that she wants to save the marriage for their children’s sake.

Do you think she made the right decision?

The lover of the man was C. Etienne with whom he spent time back in March.

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