Aurora from «Maleficent» is not the same!: The recent appearance of Elle Fanning raised questions among fans

Everyone’s favorite Aurora from «Maleficent» looks unrecognizable in recent photos 🧐😲

E. Fanning is among the actresses who are considered shy and who almost always give their preference to modest and, to some extent, boring outfits.

For the most part, she chooses floor-length dresses in pastel colors that perfectly suit her delicate image and go well with her blond hair. However, judging by her recent appearance, Elle has changed her style and doesn’t look the same.

On contrary to her appearance on the red carpet, she chooses from a wide variety of outfits what to wear in her everyday life. She, of course, doesn’t cross the border of vulgarity and extravagance.

Paparazzi never miss a chance to catch her wherever she appears. Recently, they caught the young actress in a hurry with a blushed face. Most importantly, she looked happy.

She chose a satin corset with a deep neckline, black pants and navy blue pumps. Some were more than sure that she looked a little bit masculine and, seemingly, changed her style.

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