«Attention! Extra spicy!»: Hayek’s provocative appearance drew everyone’s attention in public

No one took their eyes off Hayek’s revealing look in a see-through mesh dress 😱😍

For millions, S. Hayek will remain «a witch» due to her unfading and ageless beauty. She never ceased to pleasantly surprise the entire world with her great talent, femininity and an excellent sense of style.

Many simply can’t understand how it is possible to look this attractive in the 50s. Many keep claiming that over the recent years she hasn’t changed even a little.

According to her, it is her granny’s secrets that help her still maintain her stunning appearance and look much younger.

The Mexican beauty is also fond of bold, daring and sometimes revealing outfits that leave the public completely speechless. Her recent look in an «invisible» mesh dress with a floral pattern revealed her black lingerie.

However, many didn’t consider it vulgar and continued to admire the Mexican actress anyway.

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