All the attention of the wedding guests was stolen by the surprise that the bride organized for her lover  

He will remember the bride’s wedding gift forever! 🥹🤗

Katie and Derek Smith from the USA got married in 2019 and their wedding ceremony was different from the rest, thanks to the bride’s wonderful surprise.

She decided to organize something amazing which would leave everyone speechless.

Derek’s brother passed away at the age of 12, which was so harmful for both Derek and his family. Still now no one accepts the fact and thinks that it’s just a bad dream.

Then the family decided to donate Jake’s organs to people in need of transplants. Her heart was put inside a girl named Gracie, and her life was saved.

What the bride did at the wedding melted everyone’s heart. She invited the same girl to the ceremony in order to make her chosen one feel the presence of his brother. Everyone was crying!

Both Derek and his mother were deeply touched. They couldn’t control their feelings and emotions and cried heavily.

The idea was fine and that day remained unforgettable for everyone.

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