«Action heroes are never truly retired!»: The way Schwarzenegger supports Willis will touch you all

Schwarzenegger supports the seriously ill Willis calling him a phenomenal actor 🤗🥹

Recently, the former governor of California couldn’t remain silent and outspokenly supported his co-star who is currently facing serious health problems. For those who don’t know, he was diagnosed with aphasia, a frontotemporal dementia.

The legendary actor calls Willis a phenomenal actor and a wonderful person. He emphasized his significant contribution to the film industry and that no one will ever forget him.

The man highlights the irreplaceable role of Willis claiming that action movie heroes like him are never actually retired.

The ill actor has recently sold his estate for 65 million dollars. Currently, he is surrounded by his precious and super supportive family.

His second wife became E. Hemings. Now, his wife, Moore as well as their daughters refuse to leave him even for a day.

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