«A phenomenal case!»: These twins were born weighing 1.3 pounds and here they are 2 years later

This is what happened to the unique twins who were born weighing 1.3 pounds 🥹🤗

Today’s incredible story is about a couple from the UK whose twins were born weighing about 1,3 pounds. It is worth mentioning that the spouses had been trying to have babies for 11 years and, eventually, decided to undergo an IVF procedure

Soon, their cherished dream came true and the spouses were informed that they were expecting twins.

But something didn’t go in the planned way. The twins were born much earlier than expected. Everything started in Cornwell when Jenny was 6 months pregnant. Suddenly, she started feeling unwell.

They rushed to the nearest clinic from where they were sent to an Oxford clinic.

The local authorities transported Jenny to specialists and the next day she felt the first delights of motherhood.

The adorable twins were named Ruben and Jenson. However surprising it might seem, they were born at 23 weeks of pregnancy. Believe it or not, they weighed about 1 pound which was extremely dangerous for their lives.

It took them about six months to take their babies home. It was truly a challenging period in their life.

Already at the age of one, they were actively communicating with their peers and could fully catch up with them.

The family celebrated their first birthday with the Coast Guard helicopter brigade as well as the staff of the Oxford clinic.

Currently, the twins look so adorable and are absolutely healthy. It is hard to recognize the former newborns here.

They serve as a prime example of how a family can overcome all the difficulties and challenges in life.

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