A Love Defying Age: Unconventional Couple Kyle and Marge Prove True Love Knows No Boundaries

Despite the age difference of 60 years, their love is real 😳❤️

This amazing couple lives in the USA. 31-year-old Kyle Jones and 91-year-old Marge found something in common and built a strong relationship. They showed everyone that their love is real and no one can disturb them to live happily.

Everything started when Kyle began a relationship with a 50-year-old woman, then he realized that he is interested in old women. Although Kyle divorced from his first chosen one, he continued to date with other old women, but in the end he stopped at Marge.

He considered her his soulmate and started a romantic journey with her.

The most surprising thing is that Kyle’s mother is younger than his partner. She is just 50 years old.

At first, his mother thought that her son’s interest in old women was not serious and over time he would change his taste and would pass to his normal life, but he was wrong, as Kyle began to bond more strongly with Marge.

As for the 91-year-old granny, she considers herself the happiest woman in the world. After her divorce from her husband 37 years ago, Marge was sure that she would stay single till the end of her life, but life had other plans for her.

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