«You won’t see anything cuter than this today!»: These are the first joint photos of Moore and her granddaughter

The heartfelt footage of Moore with her grandchild on Mother’s Day touched the fans 🤗🥹

However surprising it might seem, this Hollywood actress and the ex-wife of B. Willis has recently welcomed her grandchild. They have taken part in a heartfelt photo shoot and the photos deeply touched the followers.

The photos revealed the outstanding actress in a leopard bikini and gently holding her little cutie. She complemented her look with aviator glasses and her warm smile charmed the fans.

Many were quick to claim that it seemed as if the baby was her own child, rather than grandchild since she still looked amazing and much younger.

«Her beauty is something incredible», «The coolest grandma ever!», «I can admire her forever», «She looks too young to be a granny».

Of course, it may be rather hard for her to accept the fact that she is already a grandmother. However, she looks really delighted and proud. Their photo shoot melted everyone’s heart.


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