„You will never guess her age“. The model in the bodysuit amazed everyone and opened a secret

Daphne Suit is one of the world’s perfect. Just take a look at her photos. What magical shapes and bodies, hairs and nails. There is nothing impossible for this lady.

And it’s normal, cause she works as a model for more than 70 years. Can you believe it? Yes, this pretty lady was born in 1928. She is a British supermodel with a vivid and successful career.

A 94-year-old model keeps working till today. Her sexy looks, brand-new imagination, nails, and clothes all help to look as young as it is possible.

„Are you seriously?“, “ What do you eat? Maybe a tree with rejuvenating apples grows in your garden?“

“I can’t believe what you just said”, “Long live Daphne”, “I admire people like you”, “Just a smart girl”, “Daphne, share the secret of youth and beauty”,

„How I would like to live until your age”, “You are admirable”, “Divine”, “What a beauty”, Daphne’s fans write in the comments.

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