«What Jessica Alba eats in a day!»: Everyone was pleasantly surprised by Alba’s stunning appearance in swimwear

No one could take their eyes off perfectly-shaped Alba in vacation photos 😍

No one will believe that this stunning-looking and slender woman is already in her 40s and she is not called the hottest woman on Earth by millions of men for no reason.

Many noticed that she had lost much weight and looked thinner than ever. Some even hardly recognized the iconic actress. Here are her vacation photos!

The netizens divided into two groups: those who thought that she looked unhealthy, and those who considered her the hottest living actress. Many claimed that she was the subject of overall jealousy.

This is what she eats in a day: 2-3 egg whites and oatmeal with berries or fruit for breakfast, meat or fish with a vegetable salad for lunch and chicken and brown rice for dinner.

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