«What happened to the slender beauty?»: The way actress Kirsten Dunst has changed lets no one remain indifferent

The fans refused to believe that this plump woman with saggy skin was Kirsten Dunst 😲🧐

The «Jumanji» star, incredibly talented and outstanding Hollywood actress K. Dunst has already turned 39. Can you believe?

Recently, the popular film star has been caught by the paparazzi and greatly surprised her fans with her drastic body changes. She has changed beyond recognition having gained a lot of weight. Cellulite and sagging skin weren’t unnoticed as well.

Many found that she stopped taking care of her appearance and maintaining her weight and simply let herself go.

Some even barely recognized the Hollywood actress and couldn’t believe that she was no more the same.

What films have you watched with her participation?

Do you think she has changed beyond recognition?

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