«This is what motherhood does to a beauty icon!»: The recent unkempt appearance of Lawrence left no one indifferent

The fans refuse to believe that this woman with huge bags under her eyes is Lawrence 🧐😳

J. Lawrence is definitely among the Hollywood’s most successful, in-demand and talented actresses whose great roles brought her «Oscar», «Satum», «Golden Globe» and many other prestigious awards.

The former beauty icon has recently changed beyond recognition. When she became a mother in February 2022, she devoted her life to the family, hence, had little time for herself. Her recent appearance proved previously mentioned.

Her look in a loose sweater, gray leggings and dark blue uggs was rather unkempt according to netizens. The star of «The Hunger Games» disappointed some of her fans with her appearance and loss of stylishness.

Later, she commented on her appearance explaining that the bags under her eyes were from weariness and fatigue. Some even started to worry about her health claiming that she is no more the same.

«Hasn’t she slept for weeks?», «I can’t believe this is actually her», «Why has she changed so much in recent years?», «This is what sleepless nights look like».

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