«This is what maternity does to a beauty icon!»: The way actress Biel has changed came as a big surprise

One of the iconic 2000s stars has been caught by paparazzi after the childbirth 🤔😍

J. Biel was considered one of the iconic film stars in the 2000s. Yet, she soon decided to dedicate herself to the family life and no more appeared on the big screen.

Before she got married, she was fully into an active way of life. However, everything changed radically when J. Timberlake approached her and asked for a date. Surprisingly, he was still dating someone else.

The couple got married in 2012. Their first child was born in 2015 and in 2020 they welcomed another child as well. Since then, she hasn’t often appeared at events and on the Red Carpet.

Her style, of course, has undergone some changes too. Motherhood changed many things and she no more appears in bright and outrageous outfits. Instead, Biel gives her preference to cozy outfits. Leggings and loose-fitting tops are her favorite.

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