«The years have taken their toll!»: The aged appearance of Hawn in a bikini became the subject of discussions

76-year-old Hawn was filmed in a bikini enjoying her vacation with her husband 😳🧐

A couple of G. Hawn and K. Russel have been together for a long time and are absolutely happy and inseparable. However, they don’t need any stamp on their passport and aren’t married. However surprising it may seem, the star is already 76.

This is what the outstanding American actress looks like when she is sure no one is watching her. The recent vacation photos of the legendary film star caused a stir and let no one remain indifferent.

Here are some comments left by netizens. «Envy silently! She looks great at her age», «Live your life and don’t shame anyone on their appearance!», «I will love this couple forever».

Many noticed that she lost her elasticity and noticeably aged. «I can’t believe my eyes. Is this really her?», «How sad it is to see our idol getting old», «Sagging skin and wrinkled face!».

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