«The worst pain of the famous Rambo!»: Here are the honest thoughts of legendary film star Stallone

The famous Rambo finally opened up with his fans about how it felt to lose a child 😢🥺

It sometimes seems as if nothing on Earth can break and weaken this resistant and powerful man. However, unfortunately, the life of the famous Rambo is not as perfect as it seems to be. He lost his eldest son in 2012. He passed away at the age of 36.

For those who don’t know, his heir passed away because of a heart attack. Although his parents weren’t together at that time, the tragedy in the family made them closer.

It is worth mentioning that Sage, his late son, dreamed to becoming an actor following his father’s career footsteps. He even managed to brilliantly act in «Rocky 5». Surprisingly, he didn’t forgive his father for divorcing his mother.

Once the eminent actor admitted that losing her son was his worst pain that he could ever experience.

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