«The living Barbie before her transformation!»: The archive photos of this Instagram star caused a stir

You will be surprised when you see what this «Barbie» girl looked like before surgeries 🧐🤔

Here is a Swiss girl named Stephanie Mulik whose non-standard appearance brought her popularity on social media. She has always been a fan of the Barbie doll and chased a goal to acquire a similar appearance.

After the first plastic surgery, she couldn’t stop and soon lost count. The first thing she did was change her hair color. After the incredible transformation she became totally unrecognizable.

«Your parents must be proud of you. Keep going!», «What led her to ruin her natural beauty?», «Like two absolutely different people».

«Most importantly, she fulfilled her childhood dream!», «Who are we to judge her?», «Envy silently!».

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