«One of the 100 people on our planet!»: This is how the absolutely unique baby born without a nose looks and lives today

Here is what a beauty this special girl has become who was born without a nose 🥹🤗

Here is Tessa, an absolutely adorable girl who was born unique because of not having a nose. She has always been called “special” and “different” from all the others.

It is needless to say that it is an extremely rare and uncommon diagnosis and, according to recent studies, only one hundred babies in the entire world have been born with this disorder.

Though she can’t smell, she can sneeze and, believe it or not, have ARI.

From a very early ages, she showed activation and commitment to learning new things. Her parents have always been proud of her and believed that everything will be fine sooner or later.

Here she is eight years later! However, apart from the absence of a nose, she has some heart problems and one of her eyes can’t see.

Her family hopes that in the near future the breakthroughs of science and medicine will allow her to have an artificial nose and look like a normal person.


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