«Not a disease, but a strange habit!»: Actress Goldberg opened up about the absence of her eyebrows

67-year-old Whoopi Goldberg revealed the reason why she doesn’t have eyebrows 🤔🧐

W. Goldberg has always remained among the most outstanding and non-standard actresses mainly because of her eyebrows, or the absence of them. Many have been wondering why she doesn’t have eyebrows thinking that she has some diseases.

«This is not a feature of my body and not a disease. I just have a habit of completely plucking my eyebrows, and this is from childhood». Can you imagine?

The whole thing is that when she was still a child, she had bumps in her eyebrows and her mother used to shave them off. Later, it became some kind of habit and she has continuously been doing that since then.

Soon, the absence of eyebrows became her calling card and she continued the same way. She once ironically said, «Some people don’t even notice that I don’t have eyebrows. For example, my ex-husband».

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