«No one believes this is the same person»: The incredible makeover of this obese woman let no one remain indifferent

This is how the obese girl looks and lives now who was the victim of her weight 😲🥰

Here is Mayra Rosales who had long been struggling with her obesity and extra weight. Because of that, she felt insecure and had many complexes about her «imperfect» body. She was not self-confident and even refused to leave home.

People got to know this non-standard woman when the news that she fell on her sister’s son who couldn’t free himself spread on social media and newspapers. However, later, it turned out that she wasn’t guilty.

Then, she clearly realized it was high time to take some action. The first thing she did was to turn to a plastic surgeon. She soon gained self-confidence and it was a lot easier for her to do elementary things.

And here is the new Mayra who is now hard to recognize. She has overcome all her complexes and insecurities and built self-confidence.

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