Love Knows No Age? Cher’s Short-Lived Romance with Alexander Comes to an End

Fans predicted such an ending… 😳🧐

When fans were informed that Cher was dating a younger man, they expressed their opinion that their relationship would not last long. Then after six months of a love story, they heard about their separation. But the reason was unknown.

There were some opinions that Cher had got a diamond ring from her boyfriend as an offer for engagement, but there was a controversial opinion, that they had never been in a serious relationship.

After their separation, Cher was quite passive on social media, and her audience thought that she couldn’t overcome their breakup.

They first met at Paris Fashion Week in September. Although Alexander was 40 years younger than her, she explained it by saying that love doesn’t know her age and described her boyfriend as very kind and gentle.

The couple didn’t pay attention to criticism and continued to date openly.

Let’s remember that Cher has two sons from her two marriages, while Alexander has a little son from his previous girlfriend, who described him as a cheater.

This didn’t make Cher change her mind and she fell in love with him. But, unluckily, their relationship ended early.

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