«If there is a will, there is a way!»: The incredible transformation of the world’s fattest woman encourages millions

The world’s fattest woman pulled herself together and started to change her life 😳🥹

Here is Katrina from Florida who gained popularity not for her talent or accomplishments, but her big body shape and obesity. Being 62 inches tall, she, believe it or not, weighed 433 pounds for a long time being called the fattest woman.

Problems connected with obesity occurred when she was still a child. With much stress and anxiety, she started to eat a lot of sweet food and quickly gained weight. Her parent couldn’t find appropriate clothes and had to sew them in order.

Because of her obesity and «unattractiveness», no company wanted to employ her and she had to devote her entire life to online conversations.

When she started weighing more than 950 pounds, she realized it was high time to take some action and pull herself together. She went on a healthy diet and due to her hard work and effort Katrina managed to reduce her weight up to 504 pounds.

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