«Hollywood’s major heartthrob is unrecognizable!»: The way actor Gere has changed became the subject of discussions

The fans couldn’t believe that this aged and wrinkled man was their favorite actor 😳🤔

Believe it or not, this prominent and successful actor has turned 72. Can you imagine? There is no denying that time flies before our eyes. It seems as if it was just yesterday that we admired the handsome actor in «Pretty Woman» on the big screen.

After the paparazzi photos, the fans immediately divided into two groups: those who still sincerely admired the legendary actor, and those who couldn’t even recognize the former handsome man.

Many, however, claimed that as a 72-year-old man, he looked quite good and attractive, but the fact that he has noticeably aged is, of course, undeniable. Some even started to worry about his little baby asking who will take care of the child later.

Meanwhile, Gere leads an active lifestyle and looks absolutely healthy. He still remains the same charismatic and energetic man and is ready for new projects.

How did you like the popular film star’s appearance?

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