Hollywood Icon Harrison Ford and Actress Calista Flockhart Reunite in Rare Public Appearance, Exuding Timeless Love and Joy

They looked wonderful together! 🤗❤️

80-year-old Harrison Ford appeared at the Cannes Film Festival with her beautiful wife, 58-year-old actress Calista Flockhart.

The most surprising thing is that the couple hadn’t appeared in public since 2018, and their appearance at the event was something special. Although the couple is not young anymore, they looked wonderful together.

Recall, that they had been dating since 2002, and finally in 2010 they got married. They together raised their adopted son, whom Ford had adopted before their marriage.

The couple was at the center of attention during the whole occasion and they were proudly holding each other’s hands, showing how much they love and respect each other.

What can you say about this amazing couple?

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