«Her pregnant belly is again on display!»: Rihanna in an unbuttoned cropped jacket was caught in Paris with her son

Rihanna in a cropped jacket didn’t miss the chance to show off her pregnant belly 😳🥰

Being pregnant again shortly after the birth of her first child, this world-renowned and outstanding singer doesn’t miss a single chance to «demonstrate» her belly in front of millions. She seems to be happy about her condition and is often seen in cropped tops.

She is believed to be the major pregnant style icon. Recently, she has been filmed with her son in Paris. Her unbuttoned cropped jacket revealed her huge belly. Rihanna completed her image with luxurious diamond jewelry and stylish boots.

The iconic singer looks confident and is happy about her delicate position. She encourages millions of moms-to-be to show off their bellies and not to be ashamed of anything.


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