«Her mother’s genes did their job!»: The new photos of singer Furtado’s heiress pleasantly surprised the fans

No one can take their eyes off Furtado’s daughter who has become a real beauty 😍

First and foremost, it should be stated that talented, successful and outstanding singer N. Furtado was married to musician J. Gahania with whom she had a daughter. They named her Nevis inspired by the Caribbean island they spent their honeymoon on.

However, their marriage ended in divorce shortly after her birth. The adorable girl is, believe it or not, already 19 whose new photos made a splash on social media. She has always taken a great interest in music and accompanied her mother on tours.

The well-known singer was highly praised for raising her little daughter entirely on her own.

«I have a child. A little toddler has tossed food in my face while I was in crowded places. On my tour with me is my daughter. She has a separate sleeping area where we can play with her toys while we ride the bus».

While the singer was busy raising her only daughter, she found new love named D. Castellon with whom she had children as well. Yet, unfortunately, their marriage ended in divorce too.


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