From Motherhood to the Red Carpet: A Star’s Journey of Confidence and Fitness

She attracted totally all the eyes! ūüėć

Blake Lively is one of the most stunning Hollywood stars, who is the mother for 4 adorable children. She is married to Ryan Reindols and they are considered one of the most loving couple in Hollywood.

The celebrity spends most of her time with her family, that’s why she cannot concentrate on her career and appears in public rarely.

Her fourth child was born a few months ago, and two months after giving birth, she perfectly presented herself on the red carpet. She amazed everyone with her presence, because no one expected to see her in this look.

The star agrees that the birth of their children has affected her pretty figure, but it doesn’t disturb her feeling confident. She regularly goes to the gym and keeps a strict diet.

She does it not only to keep her attractive body, but also to be healthy.

And the result we see in these photos, because she looks great and not every woman can have such a stunning figure a short after giving birth.

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