Bold and Beautiful: Milla Jovovich Embraces a New Look and Defies Age with Confidence

A new hairstyle, but timeless beauty! 😍🤗

Hollywood actress Milla Jovovich, who always shines with her beauty and charm, recently presented herself to her fans with a new hairstyle: she changed her look by shaving her head.

The most surprising thing is that she expressed her opinion under the post, writing that she doesn’t care who likes it and who doesn’t. She did that and nothing else mattered to her.

Then she published a photo with wet and tousled hair.

Despite the fact that there were critics who expressed their negative opinions about her new look, others claimed that she is as beautiful and stunning as before regardless of her new hairstyle. They wrote that she seems to be 30.

Let’s remind that the actress is already 47.

The star has a daughter named Ever Anderson who strongly looks like her mom.

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