«At least she didn’t come naked!»: The revealing look of Delevingne in New York came as a big surprise

All eyes were on Delevingne who came in a daring dress that hardly covered her body 😍

Here is one of the most talked-about, successful and world-renowned models, 30-year-old C. Delevingne, who came to the Annual Parsons Benefit in a revealing and extravagant outfit.

Her vibrant makeup with smoky eyes and accentuated lips perfectly complemented her bold image. What is more, she decided to put on a wig to create an image entirely different from that of her.

The appearance of the outstanding model raised questions among netizens. Many were convinced that she had got breast augmentation.

Some even couldn’t believe their eyes and could hardly recognize the celerity at first sight.

Her radically changed appearance and entirely new image quickly became the subject of discussions.

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