Ageless Beauty: Miley Cyrus and Her Mother Letizia Turn Heads with Their Striking Resemblance and Vibrant Bond

They are like sisters in appearance¬† ūü•Ļūü§ó

Recently, 28-year-old Miley Cyrus and her 56-year-old mother, Letizia, were photographed while having a nice walk together. When their photos were posted on the Internet, netizens began to discuss them actively.

They look like sisters, and even according to many people, Letizia looks younger than her daughter.

Miley describes her mother as multi-talented, because the woman has many interests and activities, and even her age doesn’t disturb her to do what she wants.

There are critics who believe that they have a bad relationship, but their recent outing together proved once again that they are very much connected to each other.

The star’s mother was dressed in a quite modern way, so it’s hard to say who is the daughter, who is the mother.

Many people think that she maintains her youthful appearance due to plastic surgeries, but both the mother and her daughter reject it.

It’s known that the woman has an active lifestyle and does her best to be healthy both physically and mentally.

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