«A thin waist a month after childbirth!»: Prinsloo’s stunning appearance shortly after giving birth surprised the fans

Model Prinsloo showed her ideal figure weeks after she gave birth to her baby 🥰😍

The happy news that B. Prinsloo and A. Levine were going to have a baby hit the network in September, 2022. The fans were delighted with the news and were impatiently waiting for their baby’s arrival.

Still, they haven’t posted any photos and still keep their baby’s name secret. More interestingly, in her recent photos the star looks amazing shortly after the childbirth.

On February 14, she delighted her followers with newly taken photos in a daring black tight dress which was totally transparent and revealed her underwear. Everyone was pleasantly surprised by her perfect parameters and asked her to share her secrets.

«The hottest woman I have ever seen!», «No family photos on February 14?», «She knows how to attract everyone», «A perfect waist shortly after childbirth. How is it even possible?».

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