A Love Beyond Age: The incredible story of a 98-year-old mother and her 80-year-old son touches everyone  

No matter how old you are, you’ll always be a mom  🥹🤗

Maternal love is above everything, and our today’s heroine, 98-year-old Ada Keating proved it once again. Despite her age she moved to a nursing home to look after her son, who is already 80.

Tom, who is now unable to do many things by himself, needs special care and support, and here his mother came to help.

The man came here in 2016, but the staff couldn’t take care of him perfectly. Ada was informed about Tom’s condition and hurried to support him.

They adore each other and spend all day together.

One of their most favorite activities is watching TV.

They are trying to enjoy each moment they spend together. When Ada is not by Tom’s side, he eagerly waits for her arrival.

Unluckily, Tom doesn’t have a wife, children, he has been single during his whole life.

The mother-son relationship is really strong.

Regardless of age, mothers remain loyal to their children.

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