«You’re not ugly. You’re just broke»: The incredible transformation of this ordinary girl became the subject of discussions

After sharing her before-and-after photos, this girl woke up as an Internet star

Here is popular model Celine Centino whose incredible life story grew the public’s interest and encouraged thousands to change their lives forever. Believe it or not, Celine spent about 50 000 dollars on surgeries and is not going to stop.

She decided on her first surgery when she was still in high school and was bullied by all her classmates and peers because of her plain and unattractive appearance.

Of course, everyone was taken aback by the incredible transformation of this young girl who has changed beyond recognition. «Why has she spoilt her appearance?», «Too much plastic in one photo», «One question: why?».

«A psychologist was needed, not a plastic surgeon», «Your parents must be proud of you», «How is this one and the same girl?».


«She has spoilt her appearance irreversibly», «What a pity!», «She feels attractive and this is what is important».

«I can’t believe my own eyes!», «Looks like a million dollars!», «Her doll-like appearance drives me crazy».

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